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Names&Places EP - BUPPY

We have been fortunate to know the ever-talented artist Buppy since 2020. Back then, we didn't fully realize the extent of his potential. It's a familiar sentiment, hearing people talk about how lucky they are to witness one of their favorite artists evolve into a superstar, and that's precisely what we're observing with Buppy. His latest EP, titled 'Names & Places,' takes listeners on a unique journey, offering a profound insight into the idiosyncratic tales of various individuals. Unafraid to confront his struggles, Buppy pours his heart into this six-song project, inviting you to join him on this emotional voyage. It's the genuine inclusivity and raw exploration of the human experience that has fans hailing him as the next big thing.

Buppy's musical journey commenced when he was just twelve, and now, in 2023, he has evolved into an artist well ahead of his years. At the young age of nineteen, he is making a compelling case for why one should join his fanbase. His journey of growth leaves no stone unturned, and it wouldn't be surprising to see a captivating documentary showcasing the immense time and effort he devotes to his music. The 'Names & Places' EP features songs that cater to everyone's musical taste, intertwined with stories that resonate with all of us. Whether it's heartbreak, loss, remorse, anger, or joy, there's an experience for each of us to grasp onto. We were genuinely captivated by this latest chapter in his career and eagerly anticipate witnessing his continued blossoming.


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