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In the symphony of life, timing is an elusive melody, an unpredictable rhythm that dances between moments of serendipity and chaos. Much like an album that arrives fashionably late to the ears, there's an enchantment in never adhering to the punctual expectations of existence. Ceefoe's new debut album, 'Never On Time' embodies this very notion and embraces the conflicting beat of tardiness and refuses to be tethered by the constraints of a clock's hand. Through Ceefoe's own musical accounts of unpunctuality, we find ourselves in a perpetual state of readiness, ever open to the unforeseen crescendos and unexpected wrong turns that compose the very essence of our existence. For in this state of uncertainty lies the allure of endless possibilities, where the melodies of chance intertwine with the harmonies of perseverance, beckoning us never to relent, never to surrender to the rigidity of predetermined paths. Continue reading our interview below to learn more about Ceefoe's new project.


RIPDAYDREAM: I'd like to begin by extending my congratulations on your recent release. It truly seems like you're coming into your own with your music, honing in on a distinctive sound. Could you share your experience in creating this project and provide a summary of your thought process now that it's finally out for your fans?

Ceefoe: I think this year I wanted to really take that next step in my career. Grow with my art and close a old chapter & just do everything bigger and better. This project I decided to make during the summer in June, it took me about the end of October to finish it. Everything on this album I feel is just my best work as of now and its all on one project. I have songs from years ago on here mixed with newer stuff & I'm just happy to put it all in one project & show my fans.


RIPDAYDREAM: How did you land on the title, 'Never On Time', for the project?

Ceefoe: I feel like 'Never On Time' resonates in my life and can relate to other people as in a sense of just the timing of things. since a kid I feel like we have a time exception on a lot of things we wanna be we or want in life, but as you grow older you start to experience life and start to really understand thing’s differently & one of the things I’ve learned was that not everything that you set out on the time expectation that you had will come on that time. Meaning say as I a kid I wanted to be a firefighter at 21 but I reach 21 and I may not be where I wanna be but that’s ok as long as you are still working towards it and that’s why I’m ok Bcus I’m not giving up on what I feel my purpose is or what my dream is.. I know “Never On Time” can be usually a negative saying to most, but to me is basically my life, I felt like I always had different goals and dreams and a time frame on where I wanted to be at in life. But it’s never on time with what I expect. But it’s does happen just not when I thought it would, hence this album. I had thoughts and a time frame of when I wanted to do my first album and it wasn’t this time, but we here now. & I hope it motivates someone out there to keep pushing even when things may not plan out the way you wanted to so keep going cus I never gave up when I had a million chances to do it. But I know my come up is just “Never On Time”, but I’ll be there one day. I may NEVER BE ON TIME but the timing is always right.

RIPDAYDREAM: What I appreciated most while listening to your 8-song project was the diverse range of musical styles you presented. Your ability to seamlessly transition from raw and introspective songs to energetic club bangers was truly impressive. Is it a priority for you to highlight the versatility of your music?

Ceefoe: Versatility is one thing I think I’m best at in my lane. I can hop on any beat and turn it into whatever the vibe I’m feeling at the moment, I think as a artist I never want to be boxed in one style of music cus music will be here forever. It’s always changing and I wanna make sure I can adapt to anything but also make it mine at the same time. It’s a art more than anything to me and I just go in there and if that beats knocking and I catch a melody and flow I’m making a song 99% of the time. I wanna show the world what I can do & you cant box me in.


RIPDAYDREAM: I noticed you had some notable features on the project. What was it like working with these other artists and how do you choose artists to collaborate with? 

Ceefoe: All the collabs on my album are people I’m a fan of first and I’ve genuinely connected with them wether it may be thru the internet or meeting them and just catching a vibe, & all those guys on my album are stars in my eyes & have nothing but respect for their craft and have nothing but love for them. The way I pick collabs to is I just feel like I have a ear for music and I know which artist would sound good on these type of beats & I just always reach out and ask if they like the song hop on it if not, it’s good but usually they mess with it and I’m always right bout how I vision them to sound on the song & so I’m excited to show everybody what I made with these guys.

RIPDAYDREAM: How does this new release differ from your previous work, and what makes it unique?

Ceefoe: This is my debut album so it means a lot to me. My first full project I’ve made and actually sat down and put it all together from scratch and put so much thought into it to make sure it was perfect. The more I go further with my music career the more I know how much effort I gotta actually put in to make this happen if I wanna be the artist I dream to be. This will be by far the best piece of work I will have out to date & it will only get better from here.


RIPDAYDREAM: What's the next step for you after this release, and what can your fans expect from you in the near future?

Ceefoe: I took a break on shows to focus on the album so I’ll be back doing more shows & just bigger and better music, shows & everything. This will be a start of a new era for “Ceefoe”


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