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If you have ever chased a dream you know how much work needs to be put in. For Kenya born artist Snicks, his talents, and aspirations are nothing short of amazing. The twenty-three-year-old encapsulates the energy of wanting to be the person you idolize. With summer in full swing, Snicks has just released two summer anthems called Pape Freestyle and State to State. Both have that upper beat to get you in the mood and focus on your aspirations for the summer. While it feels like a thousand degrees out right now you can rest easy and cool off the cold lyricism of Snicks.

"My advice would be keep believing in yourself & be aware of who you're giving your energy and time to only surround yourself with like minded individuals who want to see you win as bad as they want it."

Music is Snick's identity and true form of therapy. Snicks has a multicultural background so growing up he always was exposed to many different sounds and styles from Afro beat to Hip Hop. After dropping his first song that he uploaded through his mom's phone onto SoundCloud as a kid was the moment the music started to really become a possibility for Snicks. Now almost ten years later he is paving the way for future Utah artists to have a platform for music. Next up for the talented artists is an EP in the works which is a sequel to “4DAMOMENT” that dropped two years ago. We can also expect his highly anticipated mixtape that’s untitled at the moment. There is a lot in store for Snicks and this new uncharted territory of the Utah music scene.

" I just wanted to shout out my team Safari Sounds & Wave Runnerz Records for helping me taking everything to a whole new level we got so much in the vault for y’all."


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