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The emotional depth and vulnerability an artist is willing to allow audiences to experience is something that should not be taken lightly. Tapping into personal experiences so that others may find the answers to their racing mind is a superpower plain and simple. Kimi, the artist, is doing just this, and her power lies in her voice and songwriting ability, which evoke a shared moment. She stands to ensure the genre R&B thrives, setting the stage for a new era of musical brilliance. Her musical journey is parallel to her human journey giving her the power of her destiny. With the growth in confidence, Kimi makes the audience feel seen, heard, and ultimately, not alone. Continue reading our interview below to discover more.


RIPDAYDREAM: Kimi, I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to do this interview. I have dived deeply into your music, and I am genuinely impressed not only by your voice but also by your music compositions. Before we delve into everything, the floor is yours to let our readers know who you are.

Kimi: I’m excited to do this interview, thank you so much for having me. I am an R&B singer/songwriter. I’ve been singing and performing since I was little. I’ve been writing & releasing my own music for the last 7 years. I love doing it & so thankful for everything it’s taught me.


RIPDAYDREAM: One of the things I do when I discover a new artist is go to their most recent song releases and then explore their first-ever song releases. I know it might sound scary, but because every artist evolves over time, the best part, to me, is listening to the journey. Right out of the gate, it's a fact that you have always had a gifted vocal presence. As you grew as a person from 2018 to the present day, so did your music. I'm curious: what did you learn along the way, and how do you feel your music is different from when you first started releasing songs?

Kimi: Definitely sounds scary but I have evolved a lot over the journey. Thank you so much, I appreciate it. I’ve learned a lot along the way, But most importantly a lot about myself, what's important to me & what I’m capable of. I’ve learned to believe in myself and that the only opinion that really matters is my own. I feel like my songwriting has grown significantly from when I first started. I think it's more raw and authentic now & I just have a better overall feel for my style. That being said it’s still growing and changing every day and I'm experimenting more than ever.

RIPDAYDREAM: What do you think sets R&B/Soul apart from other genres, and why did you choose to pursue it?

Kimi: I think the emotion sets it apart & that’s exactly why I chose it. It’s always been my favorite to listen to. I love music & lyrics that just speak to you & make you feel like you are not alone.


RIPDAYDREAM: My favorite song of yours is 'Driftin' Away', and it hits home with me so I was drawn in through your lyrics. This is a very emotional song and I am curious, for a song like this, what is your mindset when writing the lyrics or recording your vocals? Do you tap into personal memories or is there a method that gives you this kind of performance?

Kimi: Oh wow! Thank you! With this song & honestly most of my songs I’m writing from personal experience & when I record it I just take myself emotionally back to that place. I’ve found that even though it can be hard to share such personal details it makes it more relatable, touches more people, and the music is better.

RIPDAYDREAM: For our readers, what is your favorite part of music creation? What are the small little things that make it so worth it?

Kimi: I love writing because it helps me get all my emotions out on paper but I think I love the recording process the most. It’s just dope to hear the finished product of something you created and be proud of it. It’s also dope when someone tells me they listen to my song to help them get through something. Those things keep me going.


RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you're working on?

Kimi: I have a remix coming out with a dope female R&B artist of my latest single and tryna do a few other singles as well. Also a music video for one of the singles that's all happening in the next few months.

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