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In any emerging music scene, certain artists stand as the unsung architects of its growth, propelled not by the desire for recognition but by an unwavering love for the very essence of music. Among these sonic pioneers, Saco has been spreading creativity and positive influence, steering the wheel of musical innovation with a humble dedication to pushing boundaries. Rooted in a childhood surrounded by the eclectic sounds of the 90s-2000s R&B, Reggae, Rap, and Rock, Saco's musical journey is not a recent pursuit but a lifelong immersion. Saco's family embedded the rhythms and melodies into his daily existence, creating a foundation that has grown and evolved with him. What sets Saco apart is not only his innate ability to adapt to the changing soundscape but also his commitment to staying true to himself. In a world where musical authenticity can sometimes be obscured, Saco remains a steadfast guardian of his unique artistic identity, presenting only the version of himself that he chooses to share with the world. Continue reading our interview below to learn more.


RIPDAYDREAM: I genuinely mean this, when thinking of the 801 music scene over the last 5 years, you have to include your music and your commitment to keeping it fresh. I have known you since back when you were making songs with Cear, dropping heaters like 'Pussy on Hold,' which bro, that song even had my ex-girlfriend in a chokehold. For our readers who don't know, can you tell us who Saco is and share your story?

Saco: I’m just a guy who is in love with anything music, whether it’s production, live instruments, singing/rapping, or even the more technical side with mixing and mastering it all. I grew up in a very musical family and was always around music since a child but didn’t really start pursuing making music until around 2015 when I first joined Øutset and began writing songs and learning how to record and mix it all. And ever since then I’ve just been continuing to learn and work on my sound and make music that is enjoyable to me and if anyone else connects with it then that’s just a bonus!


RIPDAYDREAM: Something I really like about your music is that specifically in our music scene you are one of a kind. I feel like no one can make music like you here and that's something super special. How do you feel that your sound when you first started has evolved and what influences your music?

Saco: Thank you bro, I really believe that as well, and I think it’s just because I can draw inspiration from anything. I like to not restrict myself when it comes to music, and I have always listened to all different types of music growing up. My mom was big on the 90s 2000s R&B and also Reggae and Island Reggae and my dad would listen to a lot of rap and rock music. And now I can just really appreciate any genre of music and how quickly it’s transforming and evolving and I’m just trying to evolve with it! I just like to make whatever I’m feeling at the time, I like to try and be diverse and not restrict myself to one genre or style of music.

RIPDAYDREAM: I often see your involvement with Outset and I am curious how that group was formed and what your role has been?

Saco: The group was formed back in the day by Tony, Dante, Thompson, and others. I met them all in 2015 and we all just hit it off instantly and I joined the group to be a photographer and filmer lmao😭 and ended up writing a few songs and falling in love with it. Then shortly after I got a laptop with some recording software on it and a cheap microphone and interface and learned how to engineer which the group needed, and became the producer/engineer who recorded it all since then!


RIPDAYDREAM: I obviously am a fan of your music, but something I think that is super underrated about you is your aesthetic. From fashion influence to even your cover art you have such a cool eye for how you present your music. Where does this come from and how do you stay authentic to yourself?

Saco: Thank you thank you. I think a lot of it comes from just not caring what other people will think. I like to dress the way I like, and make music and art that is appealing to me. I make all the cover art myself and am very DIY when it comes to what I do.

RIPDAYDREAM: I struggle with this myself sometimes, that we forget the journey to the destination is honestly the rewarding part. What is your favorite part of creating music and is there a particular message you want your audience to take away from your music?

Saco: Man good question, my favorite part about creating music is just the rewarding feeling I get when I make a song that I genuinely love and am proud of. It’s such a beautiful form of expression and I’m just grateful for it and for the people who relate to what I’m creating. And one message I would like for my audience to take away is just always be authentic and true to yourself. Don’t try to be something you’re not and just do whatever the fuck you wanna do with your life!


RIPDAYDREAM: You are off to a hot start in 2024 with two singles, 'Drugs!' and 'Crucifix', which both are heaters. Are you feeling locked in this year and can we get any hints at upcoming singles or projects?

Saco: Definitely locked in this year. My plan for 2024 so far is to release 2 singles every month. So 24 songs throughout the year and who knows! Maybe a possible project with a few songs in the mix we will see! But definitely trying to be more consistent with my releases throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled!


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