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Meet TxMACC, an artist who has discovered his home in the scope of melodic rap and pop, where his talents radiate brightly, becoming a beacon of positivity and love for his audience. A true loverboy at the core, his musical journey serves as a testament to the belief that finding inner peace precedes all else. With every note and lyric, TxMACC creates a narrative that encourages self-discovery and embraces the healing power of love. His latest single, 'Love Me or Not,' stands as a shining example of his evolving sound, showcasing the profound influence he continues to produce in shaping the lines of the modern music scene. Continue reading our interview below to learn more.


RIPDAYDREAM: Let's start off by learning more about you. Tell me your backstory and how music entered your life.

TxMACC: Music has always been in my life, growing up in the church my aunty would have my siblings, cousins, and I sing a couple of church songs, but use harmonies to make it sound more beautiful! That definitely helped me a lot, just knowing my range and finding different types of melodies! It’s typical for Polynesians to listen to Reggae/Hip Hop/RnB, which I for sure was one of them. But I found more interest in pop music, just listening to the melodies in that genre had me hooked.


RIPDAYDREAM: One thing I love is the more recognition coming to artists like Ceefoe, Jayrome, Bobby B Mac, Vehnu Moon,  yourself, and many others. I have always thought this sound is emerging at the forefront of the 801 scene. How did you land on your sound and where do you think your influence stems from?

TxMACC: It was difficult trying to find a sound for me. I had to experiment with different types of beats to see what went better with the “lover boy” vibe. I also learned game from my group, so I Definitely gotta thank my team (Moongang) for helping me find it too. My influence stems came from artists from this generation, that brought back and started their careers with the melodic rap sound. Artists like Polo G, Lil Tjay, Tory Lanez, Drake, Blxst etc.

RIPDAYDREAM: I saw this in your Instagram bio and I am not sure if you saw it on the Ripdaydream story, but we established 2024 as the year of the Loverboy. We love this aesthetic and are curious what it means to you and your brand.

TxMACC: I love EVERYTHING about love. Being a Loverboy to me is more than just going after women. It’s a physical, emotional, and mental bond. It’s being passionate in all aspects of love and never being afraid to express emotions for one another. It’s seeing beyond oneself and connecting on a deeper level. I see myself as a heartfelt Loverboy and I hope that it is felt and conveyed through my music. I want anyone who listens to my music or follows my journey on social media to experience love with their favorite Loverboy.


RIPDAYDREAM: Your new song 'Love Me Or Not' has been on repeat since it was released. I appreciate artists that have a melodic side to them, but then rap if the song asks for it. Run me through the creative process for this song and your experience working with Vehnu Moon.

TxMACC: The process of “love me or not” was a little difficult as vehnu and I struggled trying to find the topic for the song. During that time I was going through it just being in a relationship. One day I replayed the beat just to get the feel for it and decided to put everything that I was going through in the relationship, on this song! Working with Vehnu Moon is amazing! Vehnu Moon is definitely one of the most genuine and creative artists to work with, making sure every interaction with him is memorable or just positive vibes all around.

RIPDAYDREAM: Something that doesn't get talked about enough is the impact or legacy artists want to leave behind. Community can be important and I am curious about your thoughts and what your message is?

TxMACC: I think it should be talked about more, especially with the community you move with that is very likeminded. For the message I would like to leave behind is, “Love yourself before sharing it with others. Find Peace.” A lot of people in this generation struggle to do that, instead they find love in wrong places. It’s always ok to find love, but find peace first.


RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into new music or projects you are working on for this year?

TxMACC: I have a tape/EP dropping in August “Summers Over, Come Home”. “Love me or not” is one of the tracks!


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