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After years of relentless dedication, honing his craft with unwavering determination, Yung Majin now stands poised to enter the apex of his artistry, releasing his new album 'Lucrative Collection.' Creating an album is a multifaceted and resource-intensive process that involves various stages, each demanding different forms of energy, both creative and logistical. As the artist Gashi said, "An album is your baby." Speaking with Yung Majin, you get the automatic feeling that this is his moment. There is something for everyone in this new body of work, already establishing itself as an instant classic. We are manifesting a huge year for Yung Majin and will be putting our phones on "Do Not Disturb" so we can fully immerse ourselves in the album. Continue reading our interview below to learn more.


RIPDAYDREAM: When we first talked you told me this album doesn't compare to your current discography. I was fortunate enough to get an early listen to formulate my interview questions. One of my goals is to always go into listening to new music without expectation or bias. I mean it when I say I was blown away. This feels like your Drake moment, and I will get into more of what I mean by that later in the interview, but for now, I want to congratulate you and give you the floor to first tell our readers who Yung Majin is.

Yung Majin: First and foremost I want say thank you for your support and taking the time to listen to the tracks I sent you! Yung Majin is … humble, charismatic, energetic, someone whose tryna make somethin out of nothing, representing the Island of the Philippines.


RIPDAYDREAM: I can sense that this journey has been transformative for you, leading to the creation of this album and shaping the current version of yourself. Could you share more about this transformation and discuss what shifted in your vision and creative process to bring us to where we are today?

Yung Majin: Tbh a lot had to do with life events, grief, hardships and maturity. & being in the local music scene trying to perfect my sound and my pen. I think where I’m at mentally right now is a good headspace and making this album was somewhat effortless due to the fact I’m just either talking about life events and manifesting the future.

RIPDAYDREAM: Returning to the ''Drake moment,'' I initially listened to 'Back 2 Basics,' and about halfway through, it hit me that this is your 2009-2010 moment where no one can comprehend what you will accomplish. It feels like you're leaving it all out on the table, and a man with nothing to lose is a very dangerous man. Do you feel that, at this point in your music career, you've found your moment and sound, and now it's just time for people to join the ride?

Yung Majin: Every chapter of my music journey has always felt like I was giving out the best version of me, but every time I look back in my old projects, I always see the growth and the developments I’ve made. With that being said I do feel like I’m leaving it out on the table not just from the album that’s releasing but from everything else I’m doing in life. I’ve always set high expectations & right now I do feel like the universe is in my favor.


RIPDAYDREAM: Something I always listen closely for is the production and whoever you have behind 'Bad Guy' and 'Money Callin' props to them because they were in their bag. Did you take a different process for developing each song for this album or was everyone just locked in?

Yung Majin: As far as production all my past projects were mixed and mastered in my bedroom, and for this album I took a different approach and linked with Stephen Carr @ Groundwork’s Studio every track was mixed and mastered by him and I feel like it took my creativity to the next level.

RIPDAYDREAM: Let's discuss the overall substance of the album. As a millennial, I've witnessed the rise of mumble rap and trap in music, and while there are moments when I appreciate that direction, what I find underrated about your album is the depth, meaning, and significance embedded in the lyrics, melody, and overall composition of the songs. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on whether this is something important to you in the music you release.

Yung Majin: When listeners take the album in I feel like they’ll be surprised of how many different vibes this album has I definitely wanted to make something iconic and forever a classic a body of music. We have everything you need in 17 tracks to Hip Hop, trap, R&B etc. this album will take you for a roller coaster ride for sure.


RIPDAYDREAM: Unfortunately, there is a recurring theme in the music industry and, more broadly, in life where loyalty and authenticity are hard to come by. I notice that you genuinely represent your Filipino roots, and the friends and artists around you share that rare quality. Is loyalty and family important to you?

Yung Majin: Yes family & loyalty is everything to me, and I chose the closest people to me in the music scene when making this album as far as features go. & I definitely represent the Philippines every time I can.

RIPDAYDREAM: I think something any of our readers who are inspiring artists would appreciate is hearing what advice you have for starting in music. What would you do differently if you were in their position? 

Yung Majin: All I can say is go go go, feed the dream and starve the illusion, this world is yours for the taking but only if you want it bad enough, just move with authenticity and be yourself. If I could change anything I would have followed my dreams a lot sooner.


RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you're working on?

Yung Majin: As far as any projects I definitely want to create a visual for every track in the album that’s my main goal for 2024. Maybe collab with RIPDAYDREAM?!


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