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YvngLock emerges as an artist whose ascent to stardom is not just imminent, but revolutionary. Hailing from Texas where trap sounds are abundant, this one of a kind talent is not only carving his niche but is on the brink of everyone racing to copy his sound. His origin in music started with rock and roll in a group named "Sword Gang," which laid the foundation for the distinctive production seen in his work today. Seamlessly blending his early influences with contemporary rap, his production and flow are setting him apart in a sea of conformists. With the release of his latest music video for the single 'Clippz,' he not only solidifies his presence but signals a musical metamorphosis that refuses to be ignored. There are no plans to decelerate, making him an artist to watch in the unfolding chapters of 2024. Continue reading our interview below to learn more.


RIPDAYDREAM: Social media can be a blessing and a curse to a lot of artists and creatives in the industry right now. For myself, I see it as a tool to network with artists and find new music which is exactly how you and I met. It's pretty crazy that even though you are in Texas we can still connect. I have been a fan of your music since, but for our readers who don't know you can you give us some insight into your backstory?

YvngLock: I’m from a small town called “Silsbee” I was playing sports but couldn’t stay out of trouble. I spent most of my classes in detention. I always sat in class thinking of ways to be successful without college. College isn’t for everyone.


RIPDAYDREAM: Music comes to a lot of people in different ways. For myself it was my early friend group that really got me involved, but for some it's family or just something they found as an escape. How did music enter your life?

YvngLock: My big brother goes by ziplockbagz. He’s been doing music since I was a kid. I used to watch him & his homies record amazing songs, 1 day I decided to make a few tracks. I was scared to show my music but I knew I had a different sound. Once he heard my music. He threw it out there and I just kept going with it

RIPDAYDREAM: Something you have told me about your music is that it doesn't fit in with your area. Some could see that as alienating, but that means you are doing something right. Yes, you could find some influences in your music, but you are one of one which is why I want to bring a spotlight to your music. How did you develop your sound and not conform to the typical music being made in your area?

YvngLock: I used to be in a music group called “Sword Gang”. We were like a rock & roll/ hype group, we grew up & went our own ways. But that really helped me discover this sound I’m using at the moment. It’s Texas so most ppl don’t think of a sound like mine. It’s more of the trap sounds they’re used to.


RIPDAYDREAM: You have a new single 'Clippz' out and a music video to go with it. Right away when first hearing your music I noticed your production is always different and so hard. I think you challenge yourself and it pays off. Talk about your creative process with your new single and the music video.

YvngLock: I always listen to a beat 10 times before I actually decide to record it, and listen to myself flow on it a few times so I can adapt to perfection. I’m kinda picky on beats, but it’s all a process.

RIPDAYDREAM: How do you approach songwriting? Do you typically freestyle on the spot or take time before writing lyrics down?

YvngLock: I freestyle on my solo tracks. But if it’s a feature, I actually write to them. I wanna make the artist feel appreciated.


RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into new music or projects you are working on for this year?

YvngLock: Yes, I have a mixtape coming out very soon, in 2-3 months from now. I’ll give a few hints on my Instagram, ya'll will be updated.


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