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Embarking on the arduous yet profoundly rewarding journey of creating an album requires an artist to explore deep parts of their soul, exposing vulnerabilities and channeling raw emotions into an auditory masterpiece. For Zoe Roa, this transformative odyssey culminated in the birth of her first album, "As Permanent As Forever." With every note, lyric, and nuanced melody, Zoe bares her beautiful mind to the world, inviting listeners to partake in her life experiences. This album is something that needed to be said and examines the wounds she left behind, allowing for a cathartic closure. Each element within the composition is deliberate with supporting help from Kieran Hellum and Maddie Draper. Zoe's gentle yet powerful voice serves as the conduit for emotions that can move listeners to tears, making "As Permanent As Forever" not just an album but a poignant journey through the artist's soul that is both unforgettable and profoundly moving. Continue reading our interview below to learn more.


RIPDAYDREAM: Zoe if it hasn't already sunk in yet let me remind you made an album! Not only did you make an album, but a time capsule of vulnerability you were willing to share with the world. First, give yourself a pat on the back, and then tell us about the project and what audiences can expect.

Zoe Roa: It's so surreal! I'm so beyond excited to finally share this project with the world. This project, and my music in general started in July of 2023, and I never really expected it to turn into more than a few songs. After I wrote my first single, "Notes to You", everything else started to flow out of me, It felt like everything was ready to be heard. The whole creative process for my album, "As Permanent as Forever", came so much faster and easier than I could have ever imagined, and I fully believe that this is because I was finally ready to say what I needed to say. As for my listeners, I hope that by listening to my album in full, you feel seen. My producer Kieran Hellum and I, have worked so hard to make sure that from start to finish, this project is something you remember. From the production, to the lyrics, to the tracklist, every detail of this project is intentional, and I sincerely hope that you can feel and experience this.


RIPDAYDREAM: Your intro track 'Forever' has a line that resonated with me, "You really can't make art unless you feel it." I could not agree more and think our artistic brains are stubborn in the fact that the purest form of authentic creation comes from experiencing those moments. Those memories for you were tough, but do you feel it healed you by opening up in your music?

Zoe Roa: I love this question, thank you! I had a really lovely conversation with someone in my life a few months ago. She explained to me that often when our artistic brain feels something so deeply, we as artists, have to use that to our advantage and consider the creative process to heal. I've found that using music as my outlet has become one of the best and most resourceful things I could have ever done for myself. Now, reflecting on my album, I feel stronger than I ever have. I not only was able to take an extremely low point in my life, but grow from it, then allowed myself to analyze those wounds one last time to properly close them. The healing process is still in the works for me, but thanks to the people in my life, and these incredible opportunities, I've been able to grow into a much stronger version of myself.

RIPDAYDREAM: Zoe I am obsessed with your voice. It is so gentle, but powerful in a way. Your voice carries a sincerity that's impossible to ignore, and I can genuinely feel the pain in every word. What's even crazier to me is before the album you only had one single released in 2023. Did you have an interest in music before or was this all new to you?

Zoe Roa: Thank you so much! I think the circumstances around the album boosted the emotion haha, but It's an element that I wouldn't change. I've been surrounded by the arts my whole life! But before I started pursuing music, my main interest was dance! I was a dancer for 17 years of my life, and always intended to pursue that. While that was my main focus, I had also grown up singing and playing the guitar, courtesy of my dad's teaching patience. I loved music so unbelievably much but didn't have a ton of faith in myself, and gave up on that dream to focus on dance instead. 2023 was extremely hard on my mental health, and I ended up parting ways with dance and moving away from home. After losing my main creative outlet, I knew I needed to find somewhere new to release everything, and found myself guitar in hand. Funny enough, my first release, "Notes to You" is the first song I've written. But I put the fear aside and decided to let the world hear it, leading us to this exciting release of my album!


RIPDAYDREAM:  As artists, we forget the journey to the destination is honestly the rewarding part. What was your favorite part of creating this album?

Zoe Roa: I think likewise to any project, there have been highs and lows to getting to the finish line. But so much of the time, I was so fond and excited to experience and create my music! The best part of creating this album is that I got to do it next to some of my best friends! Kieran Hellum and Maddie Draper were so kind to help me create what I couldn't just say in words, and they were there to celebrate every layer of this project. I think working with and around them helped me to feel so much more comfortable in the overall process, and I'm so grateful for all their support.

RIPDAYDREAM: Now that you have released an album and can take a breath, do you have any insights on what you want to do next?

Zoe Roa: Right now, I'm really excited to sit back for a second and let the world listen to my album! This has been a moment I've been dreaming about for months! But because I'm still working to build up my portfolio and recognition, It won't be too long before I'm sharing my new projects with everyone. So stay tuned!


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