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Zeke Interview

Hailing from Ogden, UT Zeke Martinez is producing for some of the best underground artists in the music scene right now. His staple is Hip Hop sampled beats with pro versatility and drum experimentation that will have you wondering where the fuck did he come up with this sound. Originally starting as a rapper he made the switch in 2017 to full-time producer mode. It has been a huge leap for the eighteen-year-old who is making a name for himself in the underground scene. Coming from Ogden there are not many opportunities for success, but Zeke still found a way to get noticed. Making the move to Las Vegas in 2015 he now is on a warpath with his music.

Zeke grew up on old-school Hip Hop from his father's side. At the same time, he was heavily influenced by his mother's love for Spanish and Reggae music. Zeke had obstacles just like any other artist or producer while starting. He had a lot more failures than successes.

"I had a lot of rejections from a few underground artists but that kept me going to keep pushing and now they want to work with me."

The major obstacle Zeke ran into was time management. Balancing life while trying to make it as an artist or producer can be daunting and for Zeke, it was no different. Working at another job and having a social life made it hard for him to focus on making beats. It wasn't until he sacrificed all of this and started putting in eight to ten hours a day to make music that he found success. This sounds like a lot to give up, but when you love something you would do anything to get it.

"Not to sound negative, but if it wasn’t for music overall, I wouldn’t be here to evolve and understand how it can be a way to express my feelings. It’s Art."

Now finding himself on more solid ground in the industry, Zeke is working with some of the top up-and-coming underground artists. He is creating music that is different, weird, but high-minded. His motto is the weirder the better. He doesn't believe that any artist or producer should stick to one genre, but that all music is subjective. Zeke continues to turn heads with his production and his goal is to continue traveling to work with different artists. It is rumored we might get a new collaboration with Westside Gunna so keep your fingers crossed. Mark my words when I say Zeke is going to be the next big thing.


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