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No Lie - Kenji & Jordan Everett

Have you ever seen a music video and just thought to yourself how much fun it must have been to film? Well, for Kenji and Jordan Everett, their new music video for No Lie will have you throwing on a Hawaiian shirt and running out to the desert to join them. In order to match the high-energy and refreshing feel they teamed up with Graffiti to direct the video . The song is inspired by early-mid '00s pop-punk and the two artists play a game of tug of war with their lyrics. From start to finish you will not be disappointed.

Diving into the video, the concept is based off the cult classic film ''Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.'' Let's just say the video is chaotic, but in the best way possible. The video starts with Jordan being picked up off the side of the road by Kenji and DXCKLIN in a bright yellow WRX. This signals the rollercoaster of events about to unfold. The chemistry on camera between the two artists mixed with Graffiti's cinematic eye will catch your attention right away. The main thing I want to point out is the use of POV shots. Especially inside the car, this really brings you into the video and is such a creative shot selection. There is no real break in the video which matches the tone perfectly. I hope to see these two in some Hawaiian shirts again and I can't wait to see more collaborations with Graffiti.


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